About Bri


Hi there! I’m Bri, and I’d like to welcome you to Orchard Photography! This is my little corner of the internet where I will be sharing all the memories that I have captured! I am very passionate about photography and I believe that comes across in every photo I take. Even when I was younger, I was always the girl that had the camera at any event and was snapping photos left and right. It drove my family and friends crazy but they sure appreciate it now that I do it for a living!

I have a great support system in my family and friends, and especially in my husband Paulo and our two dogs Zeus and Cadi.  They greet me every day with a smile at the door, and I love them to bits! We now reside in the city, but I’m originally from a family of five that grew up in a small country community.  I have two brothers and we are still very close! My family can be a bit crazy at times but that’s what makes for the best photos!

I started photography professionally just over four years ago. I just recently made the very big decision to quit my full time job and pursue my photography career full time. I have met some amazing people along this journey and I always look forward to meeting more!

Thank you for stopping by and taking a peek at my work.  I hope you like what you see!

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